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Quality assurance measures and after-sales service commitments



The quality assurance measures:

1. The cast material, physical and chemical indicators for valve body meet the GB ,ANSI/ ASTM standards.

2. Valve manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing are strictly according to GB,ANSI/ ASTM and industry standards.

3. Product design and development, production, installation services are in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system standards for control.

4. All products are accompanied by product passport.

5. A variety of technical advice and physical and chemical testing will be provided for our users and customer..

6. Each valve will be carefully tested, and detection video will be definitely provided for customer.


After-sales service commitment:

1. Product warranty period of 18 months. During the warranty period, we will provide users with quality tracking service. If its indeed a product manufacturing problems, we will provide technical advice and services, implement "Three Guarantees" policy.

2. In the warranty period, any product quality problems, we would reply within 24 hours and solve problems as soonest as we can.


Service Description:

In the process of using the product, if the product can not be used normally, please contact with our After-sales Service Dep. immediately. Providing us the product model,specifications, use of the environment, fault condition, purchase date and service requirements in details. We will respond you within 24 hours after receiving the letters.