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Oil development "Thirteen Five" plan, natural gas development "Thirteen Five"plan released on January 19, aims to improve oil use efficiency, promotealternative energy sources, encourage qualified oil and gas enterprises todevelop equity diversification and various forms of mixing Ownership.Vigorously develop the natural gas industry, and gradually cultivate naturalgas into one of the main energy, speed up the construction of natural gaspipeline network to speed up the construction of gas storage facilities toimprove the ability to adjust the peak.


Oil "ThirteenFive" plan put forward, the implementation of the investigation blockcompetition transfer system and more stringent block exit mechanism, open andfair to meet the conditions of the various types of market owners to sell therelevant mining rights, allowing oil and gas enterprises to market between theway Mining rights transfer, and gradually formed a large state-owned oil andgas companies as the leading, a variety of economic components to participatein the exploration and mining system.

Encourage reformpilot and model innovation. Continue to promote the Xinjiang oil and gasexploration and development reform pilot, sum up experience, improve the systemand accelerate the promotion to the country. Summed up and the development ofXinjiang, Sichuan and Chongqing, Ordos Basin and other areas of conventionaloil and gas, shale gas, dense gas exploration and development cooperation,joint venture, the introduction of competition and other innovative models.

Deepen the downstream competitive reform. Adhere to the relaxation of restrictions and strengthen supervision both, improve the oil import management system, adjustthe export management of refined oil products, play a price mechanism tooptimize the energy structure, energy conservation and promote environmental protection guide role, improve the oil price formation mechanism.

Rationalize the relationship between resource development tax relations, in the overall study of the relevant tax reform on the basis of research and development of mineralresources, national equity system, the implementation of a good resource taxpolicy, a reasonable determination of the burden level. Explore the pipeline and other infrastructure construction operations benefit local mechanisms.


At the same time,the oil "Thirteen Five" plan to further deepen the reform of oilenterprises.

Improve the corporate governance structure of state-owned oil and gas enterprises, standardize investment management, strengthen risk control, improve project decision-makingand operation and management level. Optimize the assessment mechanism ofstate-owned enterprises, strengthen the service of national strategy to protectthe national oil supply security and national economic operation of the task ofassessment, supervision and promote the sustainable development of petroleum enterprises.

Encourage qualified oil and gas enterprises to develop equity diversification and variousforms of mixed ownership. To promote the state-owned oil and gas enterprise engineering technology, engineering construction and equipment manufacturing business, such as specialized reorganization, as an independent market players to participate in the competition, to promote the efficient allocation ofinternal resources, weight-loss fitness, cost reduction efficiency.

In addition, theoil "Thirteen Five" plan proposed to promote the construction of crude oil, refined oil pipeline network, speed up the oil reserve capacitybuilding, vigorously develop clean alternative energy, strengthen scientificand technological innovation and improve the level of equipment autonomy.


Natural gas "ThirteenFive" plan put forward three major tasks, strengthen exploration and development to increase the supply of domestic resources to speed up theconstruction of natural gas pipeline network to speed up the construction ofgas storage facilities to improve the peak load capacity.

"Thirteen Five"period, the annual increase in proven oil reserves of about 1 billion tons ofoil. 2020 domestic oil production more than 200 million tons, to build open conditions under the multiple oil supply security system to protect the domestic 2,020,590 million tons of oil consumption level.

"Thirteen Five"period, built about 5,000 km of crude oil pipeline, a new oil capacity of 120million tons / year; built oil pipeline 12000 km, a new oil capacity of 90million tons / year. By 2020, the cumulative completion of crude oil pipeline32,000 km, the formation of an oil capacity of about 650 million tons / year;finished oil pipeline 33,000 km, the formation of an oil capacity of 300million tons / year.

Natural gaspipeline network construction, the "Three Five" period, the newnatural gas trunk and supporting pipeline 40,000 km, the total mileage in 2020reached 104,000 km, trunk gas transmission capacity of more than 400 billion cubic meters / year; underground gas storage accumulated Working gas capacityof 14.8 billion cubic meters. Accelerate the reform of natural gas market, improve the laws and regulations of natural gas industry, improve thei ndustrial policy system, and establish a natural gas supervision system covering the whole industry.