By 2020 the City of MarineEngineering Equipment Manufacturing Industry Output from:admintime:2017-02-28views:


Innational Marine economy demonstration zone of scientific development to speed up the construction and implementation of ocean strategy under the background of strong city, tianjin to act quickly, formed to promote the development of Marine engineering equipment manufacturing ideas, focus on developing port machinery, Marine transportation equipment, offshore oil platform, keyequipment and system and so on ten big Marine engineering equipment, forming abatch of strong innovation ability, development potential, high economicbenefit of the Marine industrial cluster, in 2020, ocean engineering equipment manufacturing industry output value reached 100 billion yuan in the city.

"Film day film company last year, this year's haihua technology development center and the national ocean technologycenter support continuous access to the national ministry of science andtechnology project, tianjin Marine technology in the domestic leading position,coupled with the tianjin port and manufacturing advantages, the implementation of the strategy for the ocean city as soon as possible to convert comparative advantage into industry advantage and competitive advantage, is verysignificant." The relevant person in charge of committee of tianjin by letter.

According to introducing, tianjin Marine equipment manufacturing has been developing rapidly in recent years, graduallyform of comparative advantage, offshore drilling platform with the module andplatform construction of capacity of within 300 meters water depth; Formed 2 milliontons ship repairing ability, develop the geophysical exploration ships,engineering survey ships, 150000 tons of FPSO and other Marine engineering equipment train; High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance of oil casingand the bottom of the sea of flexible composite hose technology such as Marineequipment technology breakthroughs in deep waters, the product has been used atsea and sea oil drilling.