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Through theresearch on the correlation degree between ISO standard and China's valve standard, we have a generalunderstanding of the standard of the valve standard in China, anddetermine the direction and increase the scale.

1, to promote the new valve technology, the development of new technology

Strengthen thestandards and scientific research, especially the national major scientific andtechnological project research links, and guide scientific research andadvanced technology backbone enterprises, the results of independent innovationinto standards, promote new technology, new technology development.

National ValveStandard Committee is now developing a national standard "valveintelligent electric device." Valve intelligent electric device, is thebeginning of this century developed a new product, China through the introduction andresearch and development, has mastered the technology, and the development isvery fast. Yangzhou Electric Power built, Tianjintwo links, Wenzhou Rotork, Changzhoupower station auxiliary and so can produce, product quality is also quite good.The development of high-tech "valve intelligent electric device"standard, to promote the development of the industry, blocking or reducing theimport of products have a great effect.

Will be a numberof new valve products, new technologies into standards, reduce costs, improveefficiency, optimize the product features, and new products and newtechnologies quickly recognized by the market and promote the industry'sprogress.

2, the developmentof energy saving, new materials and other aspects of the standard to promotethe valve industry restructuring

China's natural resources are limited, so thedevelopment of energy-saving, water-saving, materials, the standard is thedevelopment of one of the standards of the valve. Speed ​​up the elimination oflow efficiency, energy consumption of large products, adjust the industrialstructure, promote new technologies, new product development and application.

Valve in thematerial, the focus is to study new materials, with new materials instead ofmetal materials, to achieve the purpose of saving steel and precious metals.