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China's deepwater oil and gas engineering constructionfield has recently created history: the South China Sea deep watercomprehensive implementation of Liwan gas field and Liuhua oil field groupdemonstration project construction project, formed China's independentintellectual property rights of deepwater oil and gas development projectconstruction technology system, which marks the China Deepwater Oil and GasEngineering Construction has been equipped with a 1,500 meters deep water oiland gas field development capacity, into the world marine deepwater oil projectconstruction advanced ranks.

In the comprehensiveconstruction of deepwater development project construction technology system atthe same time, China National Offshore Oil Corporation owned the South ChinaSea East Oil Administration adhere to the engineering and technology supportlead, continue to strengthen the deep water manufacturing technologyinnovation, in the cold winter, take the initiative to build a number ofdemonstration Engineering, ahead of the production of a number of high-qualitybenchmarking projects in the South China Sea construction area for the companyto save billions of dollars.

Enping 23-1 project is theeastern part of the South China Sea in 2016 production projects, around thefine fine project objectives, two facilities than planned to advance 45 daysand 108 days, increasing the output of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters ofcrude oil, project investment than the estimated Saving about 1/4, more than 10billion of the project investment is equivalent to the eastern part of theSouth China Sea to re-develop a small oil field.

Enping 23-1 projectoutstanding performance, only China'sCNOOC project in the South China Sea engineering technology in a microcosm, andtechnological innovation is the South China Seadeep water project construction breakthrough key.

Liwan 3-1 a late project isthe South China Sea deepwater natural gas development later supporting keyprojects, the project final program to reduce a wet compressor, three sea waterlift pump, the terminal without transformation, a total savings of nearly 400million yuan investment , Which have benefited from the field of engineeringand technological innovation.

In the aspect of improvingquality and efficiency, through the integration of engineering, production andscientific research, the construction of the Nanhai Deepwater Project hasachieved the integration of scientific research projects and construction projects.The research and engineering construction have been integrated with each other,and the scientific research team, engineering construction, production anddevelopment "Trinity "New situation.

Taking the production of Liwan3-1 platform as an example, according to the actual demand of deepwaterproduction in the South China Sea, theengineering, production and scientific research are combined to study thesituation of several potential gas fields around Liwan 3-1 platform. Finally,Based on a late stage of the compressor selection design matching program, thefinal cost savings over 100 million yuan.

In the field of scientific research, the main researchdirection of deepwater construction in the South China Seais carried out around the actual needs of the project construction project.Through the project, the key core technology and the transformation of theequipment achievements are promoted, and the technical capability of thedeepwater development project in China is comprehensively improved.

Long-distance, large-wallthick submarine pipeline construction, laying and corrosion monitoringtechnology, and other dozens of industry-leading enterprises in the South China Sea slope engineering geological hazardassessment and decision-making technology, underwater oil tree integratedtesting technology, large-scale jacket, block construction, installationtechnology Of scientific research.